C Clown is gone? 어떡하지?!?!


Okay I know I’m very late on my Kpop game. These days I only listen to the groups I like instead of listening to everyone. And when it comes to news I rely on Twitter but OMD (oh my days) I can’t believe there is no more C Clown!

Yeah I like… *sniff*… liked that group.

They were so good and I loved the direction they were taking with their music. I mean Let’s Love? That was my jam. Justice? My jam and I was looking forward to more. Not to mention their videos on YouTube that cracked me up and rivaled my love for BTS’ YouTube channel.

It saddens me to see talent like that leave the Kpop scene. I know they’re not completely gone (or so wikipedia leads me to believe) but still they’re not a group anymore.

No more Ray, no more TJ, no more YouTube… *sigh*

They were also one of the groups where I genuinely liked ALL the members.

Maybe I love music and laughing too much but C Clown ruled and for whatever reasons you disbanded good luck to you and I sincerely hope to see you making music and videos again ’cause y’all are talented! Y’all are blessed and to think that people won’t get to see that makes me sad. Talent should always be shared… I could get cheesy (more than I have already) but I think I shall end it here.

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