I have always wanted to go to the gym. So when I finally started working and could finally afford it I was so happy.

I found a nice gym as well, it has a pool!! Other people like running, other people like riding bicycles, I like swimming. That’s my form of cardio.

So what is going to an actual gym like?

For one thing there is a ton of rules you have to follow. Rules that benefit both you and the other gym members. If those rules weren’t there then people would never wipe down machines which would be gross. I thought I would hate it but it made sense, and when I thought about how a gym is sort of like a club with a lot of members it made even more sense. Without those rules it would be anarchy.

Another thing, since I normally do weights it doesn’t take as long as I thought it would. I was done in an hour. Those people who spend all day at the gym, what are they doing? Every single class there is? Even when I start doing yoga I won’t be there all day, I just don’t understand it.

I also learnt that you really should stretch before doing such things, it seems obvious but I completely forgot. And you should eat. I had no energy to lift anything and I regretted it.

I also noticed that it’s kind of lonely when you’re there alone. Women have their iPods in and the men do their own thing pumping iron or spotting each other. It’s fascinating really. I mean I had my iPod as well but still I couldn’t help noticing. I think it’s more fun when you come with friends.

So that was my first experience at the gym. It was different and I learned a lot and I like it. Fitness is important so hey gym experience here I come.

Also (my most used word today) post script: don’t feel pressure to lift heavier than you can handle. Some men were clearly struggling and I just sat there like I am so glad I’m a woman. There’s no pressure on me I can lift what I want to lift. I can take my time. Men should have that freedom too.

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