Hidden Gem – 머문다 Daydream

Guess who’s back, with Hidden Gems? Giftie’s back, Giftie’s back, with Hidden Gems!

Hello and what’s up! I did a post on Celebrating Suju and this was one of the featured songs. As I was writing about this song I realised it deserved a Hidden Gem post and so here it is!

I was listening to SuJu’s Sexy Free and Single album one day as I floated around my house. As I was listening I realised I liked every song on the album. There is no song that I hate. That was a first, there’s always one song on an album (any album) that leaves me with an “erm” face.

But then I got to 머문다 and it was love at first listen. I honestly don’t know how I forget this song!

Super Junior has these gems that I love like 백일몽 and Sorry Sorry Answer. They are my kind of ballads. They’re sweet, with tempo and they touch my soul in ways other songs can’t.

머문다 has been accepted onto that list of super sweet ballads. When I listen to the song I can feel the emotion. I can feel the sadness, the longing and the passion. I can feel it in the chorus and in the verses too. In fact, I feel it when the piano starts playing that’s how real it is.

This song especially suits Kang In’s voice. When he starts the second verse you really stop and listen. His voice is smooth and sweet and it’s with him I feel the most emotion. You listen and you believe he’s broken up with someone, that the pain is still fresh. He may be feeling none of these emotions but when he sings he makes you believe he’s longing for a lost love.

I don’t advise listening to this song if you’ve actually broken up with someone, you may cry. Just an FYI.

But on a serious note it is such a good song. I feel people miss the gems of Super Junior so I’m going to bring them to you! This is one of them, listen and enjoy!

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