Strong Woman Do Bong Soon! 힘쎈여자 도봉순!

I know I’m late but I came across it on Netflix after I had finished Oh My Ghost. I didn’t think I would like it at first but I kept coming across it and then I gave in and watched a clip and it was funny and I was hooked.

I really enjoyed this drama, it was funny and quirky. It was exactly my style, to the point I’d even add it to my top five Kdramas.

From here on there shall be spoilers.


So the characters, I loved them! They were well fleshed out and they managed to give them all a storyline. No one felt useless or just there. I liked that.

The main character Bong Soon was cute, funny and confident. I loved that she wasn’t just strong physically but mentally as well. She didn’t let herself be bullied which was refreshing. Minhyuk was weird, quirky and cute. I’m not normally a fan of cute but his cuteness was within my range of tolerance. He was also so dang quirky I ended up enjoying it. He was also a strong person who didn’t let himself be bullied. Guk Doo was surly and very tsundere. He was cute when he smiled which wasn’t often at first. He was so serious but given he was a police officer it made sense. Bong Soon’s family were great too, and Minhyuk’s family, they were all interesting and three dimensional.

The gang and the Bong Soon’s gang were entertaining with their side stories. Oh Dol Byung annoyed me, he was too dramatic but I like that the actor (Kim Won Hae) played two roles, he is majorily talented.

The plot, it was good but it had some weak points. There are some unanswered questions. Like what happened with Minhyuk and his dad? After their blowup at the hospital we don’t see him again, not even at the wedding. Also why did Kyung Shim go out at night on her own after being attacked? I just didn’t understand that. My girl knows the psycho is still out there and decides to go to Busan at night on her own. Girl you couldn’t travel during the day? There were many moments in the drama where the women didn’t take the threat seriously that it just annoyed me. If you’re going to be reckless carry pepper spray or something. Or travel in twos.

The villain Jang Hyun, his motives were a little anti-climatic. He didn’t have a reason. So what, was he just a psychopath? And that henchman guy, what of his mother? And what did he inject the women with? What was his end plan? He was weird. Also Jang Hyun was a really bad shot. He was like a killer who tries really hard but in essence is pretty lame.

However I did like the kidnapper plot at first. Because he was targeting weak women and it was seen as misogynistic. Given that the show is about a strong woman I thought that was clever. It gave me a great deal of satisfaction when she beat them up when they underestimated her. It was like she was fighting misogyny.

The romance, oo la la. So as ever there were two potentials. Minhyuk and Guk Doo.

Guk Doo was her childhood friend and she fancied him. But then at first it really didn’t seem like he fancied her. He was always so surly and he had a girlfriend. It turned out he was a tsundere. But that pissed me off. He acted all surprised when things didn’t work out and asked Bong Ki why he didn’t tell him and I was like, “Bruh, it was obvious!”

I did feel sorry for him though, when he was crying in the car.

But I fully shipped Minhyuk from the beginning. I LOOOOVE that he found her strength sexy! I mean like yes! He pursued her and made his feelings known. Although he did mess with her when she thought he was gay. They were a great pair. This drama proved to me yet again that it is the one who makes the move who gets the girl, like in Reply 1988. Also she was attracted to him so that helped. Their interactions were so cute and effortless, I loved it.

So yes, it won my heart. It is a good kdrama and I give it a four out of five.

What did you think of the drama?

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