The Importance of History

I may be biased but I think history is important. I’m a student of history because I love it and it’s interesting and I love learning about what happened in the past. You learn so many things from the past it’s just interesting. It also helps me to understand people and nations when I see where they’ve come from.

Recently in the world I’ve seen the importance of history through ignorant comments people have made. It surprises me how many people don’t know the history of their own country and therefore make comments or judgments that are so off base.

I sit there and I think, “You could have researched before you said anything. Did you not listen in school?” I mean in England we learn about English and European history. And yet there are British people who still don’t know their own history. They’ll sit there and go on about the Empire and how great Britain was and why can’t we go back to those times and I’m like *side eye* “Do you even know how they became “great” how they got that Empire?”

Or in Britain they’ll get mad at immigration. I watched this interview and this Indian lady said, If you had left us alone we would not be here in your country. We lived happily separately and then you came and took over and now we’re here because of that connection. I’m paraphrasing. She made me think though.

Or even look at Australia. The white people think that it’s their land. I heard of a story where some people where racist towards a Sudanese Australian family and followed them home saying racist slurs. My Korean Australian friend told me this. And I just found it ironic that they were mad about immigration when they were the ones who stole the land from the Aboriginals. When I was in Australia I saw a map that showed how the whole of Australia was populated with Aboriginals, there are so many tribes, each with their own language and culture, and they each had land. Australia has a rich history.

If we understood history and if  we all knew the history of our land a lot of problems would not exist today. Although it’s not enough to know but to learn from the mistakes.

This also reminds of the whole Kanye thing. It disappointed me, how could he learn history and think that? Kids, learn history for yourselves so you’re not fooled.

Anyway, I rambled. I hope it made sense.



One thought on “The Importance of History

  1. I agree with this. History is important. It’s part of of life, any progress that the world is making, a part of it is because we understood history. I don’t know if I make sense but this is an interesting post.

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