GOT7 – 니가 부르는 나의 이름 (You Calling My Name)

This is a different comeback from GOT7, it’s muted and I like it. I mean I enjoy their upbeat comebacks but there’s just something about this comeback that got me from the beginning.

I like that everyone has their section to shine. I know GOT7 has always been pretty equal in opportunity but I don’t know this time I feel like I got to concentrate on each member for a substantial amount of time. It could be because of the way the music video was shot.

I love their outfits, I don’t know if it’s suede or silk or what but it’s pretty. It makes them look suave and elegant. JB was looking particularly elegant, I feel like this concept suits him the most.

So back to the song, I really like Jinyoung’s first part. He sings the chorus the first time around and just listening to his voice with minimal music and falsetto. Oooh, if he asked I’d marry him on the spot just for that. That kind of singing just gets to me.

The song does pick up by the second verse but the instrumentals don’t overpower their voices but instead compliment them.

Also Bambam’s part, I really liked it. It had that sexy quality that I like and the deep low tone and minimal music. That’s another part that sticks in my mind firmly. It reminds me of If You Do as Bambam’s part caught my attention then too.

As for the lyrics I get them. ‘You don’t know you love something until you lose it’, is that the saying? That’s the gist of the saying anyway and that’s what the lyrics reminded me of. They realised the value of their partner after they left which is true for a lot of relationships.

However for me I’m not about that whole ‘a person completes you’ life. It’s ‘romantic’ and it is the popular narrative when it comes to romance but yes, I’m not about it. So in a way I didn’t like all the lyrics.

I quite liked the dance. It’s so cute, the part where they sway their hips in a pose. It’s too cute. And there are cool creative moments like the one in the beginning when they’re lying on the floor. That was cool. I can’t wait to see the live stage to see what’s included and how they carry it out because that cool move you can only see from above.

Anyway, those are my thoughts. Until next time,


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