Healing Gems: Taeyeon 내게 들려주고 싶은 말 (Dear Me)

Music is healing for me in a lot of ways. Most of the time I use it to unwind, to think or to dance out my frustrations. There are songs, however, that uplift me and that I listen to when I’m feeling down or in my feelings.

Taeyeon’s music seems to speak to me the most. First it was I and now she’s come back with 내게 들려주고 싶은 (Dear Me) and again it is speaking to me.

Both the English and Korean title talk about her addressing herself, the words that she wants to hear. Then when you listen to the song you hear those words and it’s beautiful.

I go through times when life is unbearable and listening and reading the lyrics seeing how she fights the darkness day in and day out is encouraging. She actively takes care of her mental health and of herself as she knows what happens when she doesn’t.

It gives me hope.

My favourite lyrics have to be the chorus where she’s saying, “Like singing a song I want to tell myself the words, I love myself, I trust myself.

Then at the bridge: “Look at me who endured the long darkness, I don’t hide anymore even if the night comes again, I’m standing by my side I’ll become the light that spreads and fly.”

Then the last words of the song: “The words that will hold me.”

Her words warm me up.

Sometimes we can be our own greatest enemy but Taeyeon decided in this song to be her own champion, her own cheerleader, her own warrior.

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