Music Corner: Crush – 자나깨나 (Mayday)(ft. Joy from Red Velvet)

This song is so suitable for the times we’re living in right now.

When I first listened to it the song felt very chill. It’s a very lethargic song that fits the season well. You know how spring feels when you have hay fever but love flowers? It’s beautiful but your airways feel stuffy (or at least mine do) and as summer is approaching the weather gets warmer and at night that stuffiness increases.

Also in this season you have moments were you just don’t want to get up and do anything. Musically that’s how the song feels. It’s unassuming and very very chill.

When Joy comes in it’s with a chill vibe but her voice brings with it that much needed summer breeze that hits the sweet spot on stuffy days.

Then when I looked at the lyrics I saw that they matched that vibe and also the current situation in the world right. Because of the rona we can’t do much, depending on where you’re living. We are social distancing and there are countries that are opening up but for the longest time we were in lockdown (in England we’re still in lockdown tbh).

The chorus really brings home what most of us have been feeling. Should I wake up or sleep? Drowning in our thoughts… always lost in our thoughts.

Then the verses talk about being bored, tired and the days getting very repetitive. From what I’ve seen online I think most of us can relate.

The music video is very literal to the words of the song but with some metaphors thrown in too like the ghost that’s outside. I like that it’s light-hearted and humorous because the best medicine in life is laughter (I believe).

I like how Joy appears in the music video as well, as like her voice in the song, she’s a breath of fresh air. And I feel that those who are/were in lockdown by themselves would love to be able to make a companion to bring them out of their thoughts and lethargy and worry.

So yeah I liked the song and I liked it even more when I read the lyrics.

It’s been a while since I’ve listened to Crush and I want to go back and check out the songs that I’ve missed. For those of you who aren’t into kpop and want to check out other aspects of the Korean music scene there are artists like Crush and there’s k hip hop and Indy artists and bands that are not tied to idol entertainment companies. Korea’s music world is very diverse!! (And to be honest kpop itself is very diverse.)

Anyway that is all,

Next week I’m going to talk about Baekhyun’s album. I’ve listened to Candy but I wanted to come here and talk about the album Delight as a whole.

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