Music Corner: Solji – Rains Again (오늘따라 비가 와서 그런가 봐)

I am not into ballads much however I thought I’d switch it up a little bit.

Solji is a member of EXID (a kpop girl group I love) and she has been around for a while. She was in a duo from 2006 -2012 and she was EXID’s vocal trainer before becoming a member. So she’s been putting in the work.

She has the soul of a singer. I don’t think she could have been anything other than a singer. She’s one of those people who if they ever stopped singing for whatever reason I would be so sad and I would wonder if she was ok. There’s just no Solji without singing.

So her new single as a solo artist is Rains Again. I’m glad she’s getting to flex her vocal cords and her own vocal colour.

She’s very sentimental when singing and that’s perfect for this song. I don’t think you can sing this emotionlessly *shudders* can you imagine?

It’s very peaceful and perfect for a rainy day (ahe see what I did there?). It would also be perfect for a bittersweet romantic movie. This brings me to the music video; it was legitimately a mini movie.

They had a storyline and good cinematography. The woman just sat there remembering her lost love whilst it rained. The rain used to be a pleasant memory but became a bittersweet one with time. That’s what I got from the music video anyway.

I hope Solji becomes as popular as Hong Jinyoung who I couldn’t help thinking about as I watched the music video. They have very different music styles but similar vibes, if that makes sense.

Anyway that is it for this music corner, a short and sweet one for you. If you enjoy ballads and emotional songs then definitely check out Rains Again.

I told you it was the summer of women (in kpop)!

Next week I shall talk about Chanyeol’s and Sehun’s new album. That’s right, I saw it!

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