Music Corner: Red Velvet – 놀이 Naughty

The summer of women is not slowing down one bit! Hwasa came out with another song LMM and it was beautiful. It is exactly the kind of ballad that I like listening to. It was deep, beautiful, sad but not depressing. And the cinematography though, it was really good. It made the song easy to understand if you don’t speak or understand Korean. But since I talked about Hwasa last time I’ll leave it at that and move on.

Red Velvet also came out with a second song after Monster and this one is called Naughty… episode 1? So is there going to be an episode 2? How many episodes are there going to be in total? This is a twist to their promotion that I was not expecting.

So Naughty, I like this song more than Monster. I like the concept and tone of the song. It feels kind of house to me but I could be wrong. Either way I like it and how upbeat it is.

But what caught my eye first was the choreography! Omd, it is so good. It is so technical. It’s one of those dances that you know for sure only talented and skilled dancers can do. Also because of them I now know what the dance is called. I’ve always called it something weird in my head and it changed every time but this time I was like, no if I’m going to talk about it I need to know. So now I know, it’s tutting or finger tutting. It’s the one dance I’ve always been intimidated by.

So yeah, they killed it. They had fun with it as well with the camera angles and the lighting, the special effects. I mean the way they framed Irene and then did a POV shot of Seulgi with Irene’s fingers tutting in frame. Wow. I highly recommend watching it if you love dance.

I’m guessing the music video is linked to the story in Monster. I’m not sure but Irene was wearing white and Seulgi black. In the end scene they were both wearing black and then split off and went separate ways… hmm I wonder why?

So yeah that’s Naughty.

The week gone has been full of new releases so I’ve been living. Dreamcatcher did another collab with a video game and released the song R.o.S.E Blue (apparently their comeback is coming soon *whispers* summer of women) and Crush came out with a really cool song Ohio. I love that he was letting lose in the music video. I do love a good choreography but it’s also nice when artists just dance without being self-conscious and dance to express whatever they’re feeling. Crush did that and it was so fun and relatable so yeah I also recommend that video. The song itself is good too, jazzy and perfect to dance alone to in the morning.

What was your favourite release from that week?

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