Hidden Gem: Min Kyung Hoon x Kim Heechul – 한량 featuring Bibi. Produced by Dindin.

How did I not know about this? How did it take this long for me to find this song? A month (at time of writing) a month!!

This masterpiece, this absolute masterpiece. *tears*

This is why I need more kpop friends and should keep up with the blogs I follow because I am missing out!

The talent that jumped out, I mean seriously Heechul went off and I stand by my frequently said statement that men age like fine wine! He looks stunning and distinguished in this mv. So does Kyung Hoon.

The music video is done so well and they’re going off but at the same time it seems like a lot of inside jokes are included and they even included Soo Geun so it’s like, is this a joke? Is this mv like that thing N, Jackson, Hyuk and Sungjae did? Big Byung? Or is it for real?

I haven’t watched Knowing Bros in a while so I am behind on all the inside jokes and the recent happenings on the show. What have I missed? Why did they make this mv?

And Bibi! I love Bibi, in fact she’s what led me to this song. I was checking out her recent release and my recommendations was like, “If you please, she also featured in this song, check it out.” And I was like what! And immediately clicked.

I definitely can’t tell if she’s joking or not. You can always kind of tell with Kyung Hoon but not Bibi. She, like Yuta, is good at the straight faced joke.

I like the song whether it’s a joke or not.

It’s good, they go off and it works pretty well. It’s catchy.

The music video is really well done too, the fits are amazing. I love it when they incorporate traditional Korean clothing, hanbok. I especially love it when they incorporate modern elements, like hoodies, showing that the clothing lives on.

Now I just have to find the lyrics so I understand everything.

2 thoughts on “Hidden Gem: Min Kyung Hoon x Kim Heechul – 한량 featuring Bibi. Produced by Dindin.

  1. Oh my god Big Byung… you just took me BACK.

    I found out about this through Dindin cause I got a random obsession with 2 Days One Night at the beginning of this year and I’m all about it, like you. So catchy! This and Ravi’s BUM (which I also first heard on 2D1N) are hyping me the hell up recently lol.

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