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A Classic Case of Deja Vu 


‘A car was coming towards her. Surprisingly she didn’t see it and I couldn’t get to her in time. I saw it slam into her. I saw her fly into the air and land on her arm. I saw it yet I couldn’t stop it. I didn’t see the driver; it didn’t really matter at that moment in time. All I cared about was my mother. But something felt odd, like déjà vu.’

This story is about Doli, a girl from Texas running away from her mother’s demons, hiding in Chicago. She’s in her senior year and she honestly just wants answers… no she needs answers. Why did Thumble hurt her? Why is he still chasing them? What’s up with him turning into a tiger?

This story is also about Nymphandora, a girl from India, then New York and now Chicago. She keeps running. Her and her mom, they never stop because they know the one chasing them will never stop. It’s her senior year and all she wants is a life without drama… but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen.


The Chief’s Revenge

Éabhla yearns for freedom. She yearns for the day her brother and Mal will stop hovering over her. What are they so afraid of? It’s not like anyone is going to steal her… right?


The first bit of freedom she gets is almost her last.

She is thrust into a world she doesn’t understand with people she doesn’t understand… she never thought her brother would be one of those people, or that she didn’t know herself. How can one not know oneself?

It’s possible, Éabhla realises.

All the while the Chief steadily builds their web, sets their traps, for the perfect revenge to take place. No one will see them coming.

Both books are available on Amazon and in Barnes and Noble (if you’re American). The Chief’s Revenge is also available on Waterstone’s website! How exciting. A dream come true honestly.