About Gift

What’s up?

You’d like to know a little more about me, the author of this blog?

I’m Gift, so the blog is named after me, no it’s not a pen name. Although, I do have a pen name and I went the opposite direction making it as Western sounding as possible because it’s hard getting published with my name.

I am British African, Christian and a woman (she/her).

I love nature, movies, TV shows, music and Anime. I also love books, manga and comic books… can’t miss out sports. Ok… I have a lot of interests which is why this blog has a little bit of everything. I couldn’t settle on one topic so I talk about them all!

I am also an author. I have self-published two books, A Classic Case of Deja Vu (my first baby) and The Chief’s Revenge (my second child). I’ve recently republished The Chief’s Revenge so if you’re going to buy it, get the cheap one. I’m going to republish A Classic Case of Deja Vu too because it deserves the best.

I have written more books but they are unpublished. So if you want to help a sis out, buy my books *unsubtle plug*. If you’re a publisher or an agent reading this *strikes a pose* hey, I’m available *winks*.

If you would like to know more about my published books I have a page for them on this blog, so feel free to check it out.

That’s it, a little bit about me. A small window into my mind.

If you’d like a big window, read my Musings posts. *side eyes self*


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