Peace in Loneliness

The quiet whirl of the machine The tap tapping of my fingers   The humming of my mind The soft breaths in~~ and out~ of my nose   The solid walls encasing me The freedom to be myself and I within   The creaking as the house shifts The comfort it brings instead of fear …

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Duality Within and Without

Connected and yet disconnected A part of two lands   Returning home as a stranger Returning home out of place   Losing your tongue feeling out of place, a traitor Gaining a tongue feeling accomplished, accepted, a traitor   Part of a tree with roots and branches stretching far and wide Joining another tree, creating …

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Flowers Bloom painting the bleak desolate landscape   Trees Bloom giving flesh to the bones of winter   The Days Lengthen no longer trapped by darkness am i   Creatures Awaken no longer are we the only ones awake   Songs Burst Forth on colourful wings they bring the glad tidings of Spring  

Sa Yeon

Sister A sister who broadened my horizons You showed me a world I did not know   Artist Talented you amazed me with your life like animals Your handwriting spoke of skill and grace   Young 94 and 93, both so young when we met A childlike innocence surrounded our friendship   Everlasting A friend …

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