The Best Anime Openings

I haven't written about anime in a while and I feel like that's a low key crime on my part. A crime I tell you! So here I am, ready to share my favourite anime openings. Now I have a limited list as I take a long time to finish a series and I prefer …

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Dragon Ball and female fighters

I have some beef with Akira Toriyama. It's mainly to do with the female fighters in the Dragon Ball world. They had so much potential but alas. Let's talk about them one by one! First Chi Chi When Goku met Chi Chi she could fight and she was the daughter of the Ox-King. She could …

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Bleach: Ichigo and Zangetsu The Bond Between Man and Sword

I never thought too deeply about the connection between a zanpakuto and it's master until we met the creator of zanpakutos. Until that moment I thought Shinigami were given their sword and they were meant to learn its name and its bankai. I thought the zanpakuto and its master were separate entities. However through Ichigo …

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