Kissing Booth – Review

My friend lets me use her Netflix (thank you my soul sister) and recently The Kissing Booth popped up. I didn't want to watch it as I'm picky with movies and I hate it when I watch one and it's awful. But then I saw some reviews and an acquaintance recommended it. I got the …

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Grease is the Word: Favourite Moments

So recently there was a Grease anniversary and they've been showing it in cinemas. I think it was the 40th anniversary, right? I was going to write a post last week but alas I forgot. For those who don't know, I LOVE Grease. It is one of my favourite movies. So when I heard about …

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My Top 5 Favourite X Men – Female Edition

Hello and welcome back to another cartoon post! Actually, I don’t think I’ve done many cartoon posts. I’ve done a ton of anime posts though. So I did watch the cartoons more when I was a kid than read the comics. I then got into the comics and learned more about the characters although I …

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