The Best Anime Openings

I haven't written about anime in a while and I feel like that's a low key crime on my part. A crime I tell you! So here I am, ready to share my favourite anime openings. Now I have a limited list as I take a long time to finish a series and I prefer …

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Bleach: Girlmances?

Originally I was going to end the Bleach bonanza with best surprises but then I wrote in the bromance post that I would write about the girlmances. At first I thought, there aren't really any girlmances. To be honest in terms of female characters they are few compared to the guys and I ended up …

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Bleach: Ichigo and Zangetsu The Bond Between Man and Sword

I never thought too deeply about the connection between a zanpakuto and it's master until we met the creator of zanpakutos. Until that moment I thought Shinigami were given their sword and they were meant to learn its name and its bankai. I thought the zanpakuto and its master were separate entities. However through Ichigo …

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