One Piece – 945 to 950 … AAHHHHH

So it’s been a while since I’ve talked about manga on here. That’s because I’ve only been reading One Piece… yes I am behind on a lot of manga… but I’m up to date on One Piece! Also I was writing my manga stuff on my other blog but it didn’t match the theme …

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The Struggle of Youth

I am re reading Fruits Basket, one of my favourite manga’s, and a lesson struck me. So Shigure and Hatsuharu are talking about youth. Shigure likens youth to someone drowning and fiercely trying to survive by battling the waves. However, Shigure says, if they’d just stop struggling they’d realised that they can float naturally. Shigure …

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Bleach: Ichigo and Zangetsu The Bond Between Man and Sword

I never thought too deeply about the connection between a zanpakuto and it's master until we met the creator of zanpakutos. Until that moment I thought Shinigami were given their sword and they were meant to learn its name and its bankai. I thought the zanpakuto and its master were separate entities. However through Ichigo …

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