Not Alone

In this place in this world Sitting alone in a purple room Hate coming from all angles   In the eyes of others, It is wrong to be Black They don’t want my Blackness   In the eyes of others It is wrong to be a woman They don’t want my femininity   But in …

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Warrior Princess Kwi

“You can’t be strong” But I am strong. Where I lack, I build And where I excel, I refine   “To be feminine is a weakness” Why? Pink does not sap strength Kindness does not deplete muscles Dresses do not shrink the brain   “Black is not feminine” How? My grandmother, my Tate Her skin …

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Flowers Bloom painting the bleak desolate landscape   Trees Bloom giving flesh to the bones of winter   The Days Lengthen no longer trapped by darkness am i   Creatures Awaken no longer are we the only ones awake   Songs Burst Forth on colourful wings they bring the glad tidings of Spring