Favourite Theme Songs – Part 2

American Dragon It explored Chinese mythology and other kinds of mythologies. It was fun and cute and his crush was his mortal enemy. All in all I liked the show. The theme song was cool too, it was really catchy! I still find myself singing it years later (good job Disney). Fairly Odd Parents This …

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Favourite Disney Theme Songs

In this post I shall only be talking about the live action shows and not the cartoons. So my favourite Disney Channel theme songs ... I did like Disney Channel, they knew how to make a show, back in the day. I won't say it's crap now but it's definitely not like how it used …

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Favourite Justice League Unlimited Members – female edition

I did X Men and now I'm doing Justice League Unlimited! It's my favourite Justice League cartoon series. I watched it as a kid/teenager and it was just too good. The theme song, the characters and the plot ... so good! The characters were well rounded, not just super heroes you got to see their …

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