Describe myself in 3 fictional characters?

There’s this trend on Twitter where people describe themselves in three fictional characters, I thought I would join in. And since I’m a writer I thought “Hey let me put it on my blog”. So please enjoy the verbal (written) diarrhea.


So someone pointed out to me how black and white I see the world and I was so shocked because I thought I saw the world in skittles. But then I realised the way I portray myself is very black and white and logical.

The vulcans weren’t always the way they are now. They chose that path because their emotions were too strong and they almost destroyed themselves in their anger and conquest. I like to think of them as Saiyans who realised they had anger issues and decided to take control.

Only they went to the other extreme, controlling their emotions to the point where they seem emotionless. But they’re not, they’re just in control because they know what happens when they let their emotions out.

Logic helps them stay in control and even though they look like they’re cold and black and white, there’s a lot that they feel that they are not letting be known.

That is me, I am Spock.

Robin from One Piece

She’s smart and she looks after herself. She’s been through a lot of tough stuff and she remains strong but she has a vulnerability to her. Me and Robin understand each other, we could be best friends. I get her and I feel like I am like her. I am tough on the outside but soft on the inside.

She’s also super loyal and looks after her friends. She thinks of others more than herself.

I’m not saying I’m super selfless, I do have my selfish moments, but I do tend to put others before myself when it comes to certain things. Or rather I protect people more than I let myself be protected.

Wonder Woman

I used to call myself a warrior princess before I got into comic books because that is how I carried myself. And then I discovered DC and Wonder Woman and it was love.

I didn’t just love Wonder Woman but the Amazons too. They were strong, fierce and independent and I loved that.

I also loved how Wonder Woman was all those things but she wanted to help others. She was compassionate and caring but she didn’t let anyone walk all over her. Even my icon here on wordpress is Wonder Woman so I am her. Yes.

So DC if you ever need someone to play Nubia (seeing as they’ve already cast Diana) I’m ready.

These are the three characters that I feel encapsulate me. Who are your three?

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