Old School Review: Watership Down

This film put me through so much!

I watched it by accident on a random Sunday and oh my goodness it was emotional. It was like Legends of the Fall  but for kids. I never looked at rabbits the same after this movie.

It was amazingly composed, it was thrilling and it kept me at the edge of my seat. I’m not just saying that, I was so anxious! I got emotionally attached to the characters but they kept finding themselves in peril and I’d be like “Can you please survive?” “Stop playing with my heart!”

It was also heart warming and it had good lessons interwoven into the story.

I do remember thinking “Is this really a kids film?” though. It got a little too real for me at some points.

The art was beautiful and the music stayed with me for that whole year (Bright Eyes). My mom came home and just found me sitting there like ‘what?’ I’d been on a journey I tell you.

As an adult you can definitely enjoy it. I recommend watching it and getting more emotionally scarred than your kids or your nieces and nephews.  It’s old but amazing!

It is based on Richard Adams’ novel of the same name.

I cannot stop saying how amazing it was, watch it!

Ps: some rabbits are just mean…

Also the voice actors of the movie are pretty high class.

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