Old School Review: Jumping the Broom

I said I wouldn’t do this anymore (Old School Reviews I mean) but my Asian film exploration has been halted for a while so I thought I’d do this as a filler. Plus I only watched this movie the other day so I thought this filler would be fun. More fun for me perhaps.


Spoilers Ahead

I was in the mood for a black movie and so I found a list and this was the first one that looked promising and that I hadn’t seen.

It was good, it was nice to see Paula Patton in a movie where she was the good guy. I don’t know why but she’s always the villain. The last movie I saw her in she was a gold digger (kind of) and the one before that she was the antagonist as well. But in this one she’s the protagonist. Yay!

Side note: she looked good. I was sitting there like, “I wonder what her gym regiment is because yes girl!”

I found it a bit unrealistic that they were going to get married when they had only been dating five months. What was the rush? Like dude, you haven’t even made it half a year.

However each to their own and there are people who have dated for less time and it has worked out. But you have got to have the faith that it will work and the determination. The both of you.

I like that they actually had to face the problems in their relationship and work through them. As a couple they grew throughout the film but again the events happened in two days. Soo it may not apply to many.

Unless you’re one of those who was engaged for only a minute before you got married and it has worked and if so yay!

But his mom, his mom! Mrs. Taylor! She wasn’t cute, she wasn’t … I can’t! How could she do that to a family and then justify it? Like really, that was none of her business and she really didn’t care that she blew up Sabrina’s world like that.

And why did she do that? Because her pride was hurt. *cue eye roll*

The rudeness.

I’m glad she didn’t get away with it and that she was respectfully checked.

I mean why couldn’t she have respectful said her problem to Sabrina and her family instead of being passive aggressive and rude? And she didn’t even have all the facts. Sabrina and her family meant her no ill (although Sabrina’s mom was another character *side eye*) and yet she was filled with hate.

That got my blood boiling I was annoyed.

But of course at the end of the movie everything was fine and they were all friends. Or rather they chose to forgive and focus on the love between Sabrina and Jason. Which is good, that’s a good message.

Overall it was okay. If you’re looking for a rainy day film or a film to pass the time or one for a girl’s night this is the one for you.

I’d give it a three out of five.


Ps: The side plots didn’t really do it for me. They weren’t bad, they were just meh.

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