My Top Favourite Red Velvet Title Songs

The title says it all, heh. Shall we dive right in? I shall list three songs otherwise I’d just list them all.

Dumb Dumb

This is a hit! If you’re into kpop or not how can you not love this song? I mean I’m sure there are people who are not into these kinds of songs but I don’t talk to them so I don’t know (jk). But seriously it is a bop.

From the opening bars I knew I was going to love it. It’s fast paced, the singing is on point and they go in so hard with the dancing it’s like YEEEES! It’s on my to do list to learn. It’s too epic not to do.

I also just like the fact that they’re saying dumb dumb over and over again. I can see myself singing this to a dude. I collect songs that I can use in real life and this is one of them. Although the meaning of the lyrics aren’t what I’m thinking. They’re essentially saying that they act dumb when they’re into a dude which is the truth. I mean when you like someone you get tongue tied and act weird and it takes intensive training to act normal unless you’re one of those blessed people who don’t have these problems.


I really enjoyed the music video for this song. I don’t understand why he walked into that house. I would have straight up left the pizza on the doorstep and ran and paid for it out of my own pocket. I’m sorry but did he not sense the bad juju when he saw them acting weird and shit circling the table? Dude nah!

And then the ending, we all saw that coming. His first mistake was crossing the threshold. I’m surprised they’ve gotten so far, the cops must be taking their time or have it out for pizza boys.

Their acting in the mv was on point. I got the creepy vibes from a mile away and that’s all I asked for. If you’re going for a creepy vid you have to deliver the creepy acting but not overdo it and they didn’t.

I LOVE the dance! A complaint against girl groups is that they don’t go hard enough in their dances. Well Red Velvet came and starting busting moves. I enjoy all their dances but Peekaboo is one of my favourites along with Bad Boy, Happiness and Dumb Dumb, oh and Russian Roulette.

I like how the lyrics are talking about them falling for a guy yet again, like oops. In the song they’re fickle and like to play rather than have a relationship. They fall in and out of love easily however half way through they’re like, “Oh but you’re different” he caught the attention of the fox!

Russian Roulette

I thought this song was going to be dark when it was announced but then I was pleasantly surprised by the song.

I like how they keep to the theme in the music video and have them trying to kill each other in creative ways but always cutting away before the killing shot so it’s like, “Did they kill them or not? Who knows!” It made the music video fun but also nerve wracking.

This song is a little bit more cute but in a fun way. It takes pride in being silly and off the wall. It’s also really catchy. I listened to it once and it was already in my head. It has a fun energy and so whenever I listen to it my mood lifts.

The dance is a catchy one with plenty of “points”. They know how to get you wanting to dance the dance. I loved the fact that a lot of boy groups would dance the dance.

As for the lyrics they’re playing with this dude who thought love was a game because they’re into him and want him to fall for them. Also they may or may not have invaded his dreams. They flipped the tables on him playing a game of love Russian roulette. It’s interesting *strokes chin*.

Honourable Mention:


It will forever be a bop. As an African I appreciated the drum beats, especially in the beginning and at the bridge *dancing intensifies even though I’m in a library right now*

Those are my favourite title songs what yours?

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