Kyo and Yuki: The beauty of communication

This post is inspired by Fruits Basket. Actually it is mostly going to be about Fruits Basket, the two characters Yuki and Kyo.

If you’re just getting into Furuba and you’ve been watching the newer anime of late but haven’t read the manga then stop reading this post! There will be SPOILERS!


Ok, I’ve done my part, moving on.

So at the end of the manga or near the end Yuki goes to finally confront Kyo. A lot of shit has gone down and he’s like I’m going to knock some sense into Kyo and he does.

In that confrontation they finally (FINALLY!) tell each other how they feel and why they were mad at each other. I’m not going to go into the details of why for each character, no, I’m just interested in what Yuki said for this post.

There’s a moment where he’s like, “I just wanted to be your friend!” I think it’s at that moment that he said that.

And there’s also that flashback where Yuki was a kid and he saw Kyo and really liked his orange hair and wanted to talk to him and to give him his hat back and Kyo was livid and didn’t want it back! Because of reasons Yuki didn’t know and aw it broke my heart.

He just wanted to be his friend. Even Kyo was shocked when Yuki said this… just it still gets to me to this day.

It goes to show how a misunderstanding or manipulation (by Akito) can really mess up a friendship or a friendship that could have been.

I’ve had misunderstandings with people in my life and I’ve been manipulated or had friends be manipulated and it’s not fun. It is such a bad thing. I wish people wouldn’t do that. That they wouldn’t manipulate.

But I feel the best way to combat this is communication. If Yuki had talked to Kyo sooner would things have changed and the same for Kyo?

Also when you communicate with someone you realise “Oh wait, we’re being played.”

But at the same in the case of Kyo and Yuki they were children and then teenagers and those are the most vulnerable and emotional times for a human. It is hard to communicate and to get over your hurt at those moments in life. It can take adulthood or an event to get you to overcome the misunderstanding.

With Kyo and Yuki that event was living together and also Tohru.

I’m optimistic in a sense in that I think we’re all given opportunities to find out the truth.

I don’t know just they got me thinking. In a way they’re lucky. They got to resolve their differences early. Some people die bitter and that’s such a shame. I don’t wish that on anyone.

And it just gets to me that they so earnestly admired each other and yet couldn’t express it. Tohru had the patience of a saint because if I was living in that house I would have exploded, “He likes you! He thinks you’re cool! OMD!” And then stormed off.

I didn’t have a lesson in mind but now that I’ve typed this out I guess they’ve taught me that it’s better to get over my pride and to tell someone how I feel. If I feel like there has been a misunderstanding then I should communicate with that person. And if I feel I’m being manipulated or my friend is I should speak up.

It’s not easy to speak up, I’m not saying it is, but I’m going to try to always speak up. I’m talking about personal relationships but this applies in other areas of life too.

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