Frozen II Review

Yes I watched it. I kept trying to get my friends to watch it with me but they weren’t for it. So I persuaded my cousin to go with me instead (I didn’t have to do much… she wanted to watch it too thank goodness).

I’m really glad I went to watch it. I liked it more than the first movie.

It’s well known that sometimes the sequel doesn’t deliver and can’t top the first movie. With Frozen II I feel it did deliver and brought its own flavour so it stands on its own apart from the first movie.

I liked how the characters have matured from the previous movie and how we’re actually exploring different themes because sometimes I feel like sequels repeat the same plot of the first movie (looking at you High School Musical).

Elsa is more confident and you can see that in her powers and how she handles situations. The theme of this movie was more the sisters learning how to work together and also bringing balance to nature.

Anna wanted to do everything together but with certain situations it just wasn’t realistic or possible but through the trials they learned how to tackle hurdles together but not together… hmm… It’s like knowing the strengths of someone on your team… like in the Scooby gang, Fred and Velma are intellectual, Daphne is the voice of reason and logic, Scooby and Shaggy are carefree and wild so it makes them harder to defeat because you never know what to expect with them.

So I feel Anna learnt how to work with Elsa and vice versa. They didn’t have to do everything side by side but they could divide and conquer.

I loved the comedy, Kristoff’s song was so dramatic it had me stitches. It reminded me of some dramatic 80’s love song music video. And then Olaf… Olaf is still the heart of the movie and just so funny. I loved his whole arc.

I like that they explored their parents’ background and thus the characters background and tied in the native people of the land. I like how they didn’t sugar coat the bad that their family did. They tackled it and righted the wrong.

I also really loved the song Anna sang, I felt like it talked about depression and how to overcome it just one step at a time… I teared up it was so beautiful.

Honestly I don’t think there is a song that I didn’t like.

One negative that I do have though is that it kind of came out of nowhere, the girls’ link with the native people of Arendelle. I don’t want to say too much in case you haven’t watched it yet but I was like… hmmm feels shoehorned. But that was my only criticism.

Overall I give it a four out of five.

What did you think of the movie?

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