Aggressive Females and Cute Men

I’ve been into kpop for a long time, since 2013. Compared to other people perhaps that isn’t long to be honest but it has been a hot minute. And there’s one thing that I find a bit curious.

The male groups are almost always targeted at women and the female groups are almost always targeted at men. However the male groups tend to do hard, tough and aggressive songs whereas the female groups tend to do cute, feminine and delicate concepts.

Women and men have so many stereotypes pushed on them that I find it interesting that such concepts are targeted at who you wouldn’t automatically think of.

I mean take B.A.P. for example. They targeted women mainly (although I feel Bang Yongguk was open to anyone listening to their bars). Their fan club name is baby and a lot of male fans protested at the name and wanted a more masculine one for them.

Then there are groups like Twice who do mostly cute and adorable concepts and have a large male following.

I mean it is my favourite thing when I see girls just jamming to hard core rap and guys loving the aegyo and doing the girl group dances.

Now disclaimer of course there are girls who like the cute girl group concepts and men who like the hard core concepts of male groups and there are male groups that do cute concepts and girl groups that do hard concepts or straight up spit fire. Kpop is diverse.

Also the one area groups always crossover is at sexy. We all like sexy. Ok maybe not all there are people who don’t like it when kpop gets sexy but that’s a different topic (I personally don’t like it when they go too far and make the artist uncomfortable, e.g.: with Stellar, but otherwise I don’t have a problem).

Anyway yeah, that’s it. I just find it interesting.

As women we’re mostly expected to be soft and sweet and docile and yet the majority of us love strong concepts, death metal, screamo, punk music… you name it and then men are told to be hard and to not show their weaknesses and yet a lot of them love a good rom com and cute things. I feel like I always knew this but kpop really highlighted if for me.

So really, we shouldn’t stereotype…

We shouldn’t push unhealthy ideals on men and women. If men want to be soft let them and if women want to be hard let them. It doesn’t take away from their masculinity or their femininity.

Those are my personal thoughts.

Sorry my title was click bait-y.

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