Music Corner: Let’s talk about Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher is a group I wish I’d checked out earlier. Yes, I slept on them and I am sorry for sleeping on them.

I have lost a lot of my fav girl groups through disbandment (and hiatus’ that honestly feel like they will never end) and I am quite sad about it. I know there are people who only like boy groups but listen you’re missing out! I mean groups like Spica, F(x), 4 Minute, Kara, Girls’ Day, 2ne1, Miss A, Secret, Wonder Girls, Nine Muses and Sistar killed it!

Anyway I wasn’t in the mood to find new girl group favs but I ended up finding them anyway, randomly. First it was CLC that I already knew but hadn’t been keeping up with; they hooked me back in with No. Then there was (G)I-dle that hooked me in with Lion. Now the latest group to hook me in has been Dreamcatcher.

I was very much against getting a new group (I always am… all my favs sneak up on me and slap me in the face) but then I kept seeing them in funny kpop videos and I was curious. Then I heard a snippet of one of their songs and I was hooked! (I’ve said hooked a lot I know).

They have a Japanese style rock sound that I love! Their songs remind me of Anime openings and I am here for it. Honestly how many Kpop girl groups do you know that have a rock sound? Not many, right? In fact I think Dreamcatcher is the only one.

Plus their concept in music videos is dark and feels like a dream. Actually it is a dream, a hyper real and weird dream. The one you wake up from like, “What?” They have this internal story line going on that is kind of trippy. So it makes for a different viewing experience.

Their dance openings are creative and dynamic. Their choreography in general is quite good.

Plus if you check out their YouTube channel you’ll see that they are full of individual talents. Sua is a good choreographer, Siyeon writes good songs, has a beautiful voice, you should really check out her version of Exo’s Overdose (she made a rock version!), Yoohyeon’s cover of Secret Love Song is breathtaking… honestly they’re all amazing! They’re also funny and not afraid to be silly.

One of my favourite songs from them is Sahara and for the music video they made a light hearted video whilst they were in their waiting room/at music shows broadcasting stations. It was creative and funny. I loved it and I go back to watch that video a lot.

Other favourites for me, from their title tracks, would be What, Goodnight and You and I.

They are underrated but I feel like that is going to change soon. With their recent song they have gained a lot of new fans and so if they keep building they have nowhere to go but up.

So if you’re looking for a new girl group to stan that is different and not cutesy then check out Dreamcatcher and have your rock cravings satisfied. You won’t regret it.


Ps: I do have other girl groups who have not disbanded or gone on hiatus *side eyes* like Mamamoo, Red Velvet, Brown Eyed Girls and EXID.

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