Connected to Air

Everyone needs an anchor

But what if you’re free?


A nomad strolling through life

An eagle soaring through the sky


The wind keeps me grounded

It shows me where to go

High on the hill nature surrounds me

I see where I am needed


I go

I explore

I learn

I help

Then I’m not needed

I have done my part and the air calls me


It calls me to the sea

To the islands

It calls me to the mountains

To where I can be free


Everyone needs an anchor and mine is the wind


I sit and I watch from the mountains

The sun on my back I explore the winding paths

I smell the blooming flowers

I watch the clouds of rain


When I have seen my fill

I move on

To my next destination

To my next adventure


I am connected to air

A nomad of life


By Gift Ruremesha

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