Reading the Bible (repost)

This is a repost as I have deleted my secondary site. I am slowing releasing the posts I liked from there here. It’d be much for me and you if I just dumped them here all at once. 

So I finally read the whole Bible last winter. It was strange to be able to finish the whole book. I’m glad I did it but it took like two years, maybe three? I took a break or rather got lazy in the middle and so hence the extra year.

How did I do it?

I set myself a manageable goal. On Friday night and Saturday night I would read two chapters. It was slow but it was an easy way to build a habit. It also stopped me from making excuses, as really how hard is it to read two chapters per two nights?

Why did I decide to read the whole thing?

As a Christian you hear a lot of sermons and opinions. Most of these opinions are based on the Bible, or so people say. So I wanted to read the Bible for myself so that I could make up my own mind.

There are many different denominations and they all claim different things. I personally think our faith should be based on the Bible and on the principles God teaches. But how can I base my faith on something when I’ve only read my favourite books and that’s it?

People will always try to make you believe what they believe but you have to be careful when it comes to religion, so it’s good to know the main book without outside influence. So I read it by myself and prayed after I read it for understanding.

What did I discover?

A lot that I didn’t know was in the Bible. There were stories in there that were brutal and sad and I had never heard of. Also reading the New Testament was interesting as it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. It was very interesting and not just because of my faith but also because of my interest in history. There was a lot there to do with Ancient Greece, early Christianity and the Roman empire.

What did I learn?

God is not a bad guy. Even in the Old Testament. Honestly read it for yourself and you will see what I mean. Even I lost patience with the Israelites half way through the Old Testament.

It was such a brutal time and He always gave them a chance to do the right thing. He warned them before He punished them and it was never done with malice. Also how come no one talks about the brutality of that time and how much evil they could do when they turned their backs on God?

I also learnt that context is important. Most things that are said is in the context of that time, like the punishments for example. And when you actually read the law in Leviticus it is very logical and everyone is protected under it. Foreigners are protected, wives are protected and husbands. Also the adultery thing, the man and the woman were both held accountable in the law. So then it made me realise it is not God who is flawed but us, instead of following the law as it is we follow it in a way that benefits us.

It also taught me of God’s love. No matter how many times they turned away from Him, even when they were taken to Babylon, God never left them. When Abraham asked God to spare Sodom and Gomorrah if there was still good people living there God listened and thoroughly checked.

Also Jesus is there even in the Old Testament. When you read it in one go you see Him in every word. You see Him in Genesis, in Psalms, definitely in Isaiah and in other books Prophets wrote. It’s amazing when you see it.

Books that touched me

There are many beautiful books. My favourites are Proverbs, Ecclesiastics, Songs of Solomon, Psalms, Esther, Ruth, Genesis, the gospels of Jesus, James, Paul’s letters and Isaiah.

Concluding thoughts

There is still so much to learn. Reading it once gives me understanding but the book is so dense. Every time I read it I learn something new, it’s interesting really.

So read the Bible for yourself and make your own opinion.

Happy reading and Happy Sabbath!

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