Furuba Relationships (re-upload)

Spoilers contained within.

I love the romance in Furuba. This is the last in the Fruits Basket series. I hope you’ve enjoyed my other posts!

I shall write about more manga series in the future as I’ve enjoyed doing this. Next on my agenda is I Hate You More Than Anyone by Banri Hidaka so look forward to that.

Back to the present this post shall be about the romance in Furuba. I shall be talking about my favourite relationships.

Let’s dive in!

Tohru and Kyo

The main couple! They are so cute! He’s tough and straight forward and she’s optimistic and loving. They’re both clueless about certain things and they both fall for each other in the cutest way.

Maybe it’s because I’m biased that I say they’re cute. But really they are. I love how their relationship grows.

They both had obstacles to overcome and they were no small obstacles. They do however overcome them and allow themselves to fall in love.

There’s just something cute about a tough, blunt guy with a cute and completely girly girl. I don’t know, I liked it. I definitely shipped them from the beginning.

Yuki and Machi

I’m glad Yuki got someone. I love how Takaya described their relationship. Yuki needed someone who he could give something to and Machi was that girl. She also was able to give Yuki something as well. They both were able to help each other and to reach and understand each other.

I like the growth of their relationship. It really did feel like they were made for each other. She was the only person, bar Tohru and certain family members, who saw him as a person and not a Prince. And he was the only one, bar Kakeru, who tried to get to know her and to understand her point of view.

I enjoyed their love story just as much as the main love story. I loved seeing Yuki’s personality blossom and I loved seeing Machi open up.

Hatsuharu and Rin

It’s no secret that I love Haru. He’s so sexy and weird, I love it!

I also love Rin. When you put them together they’re the ultimate couple. He was there for her when she was weak and he continues to be there for her. They love each other so intensely that sometimes they get carried away.

I don’t think it’s a bad thing though, ultimately they learn from their mistakes and their intentions were pure. They’re intensely loyal to each other.

I found it interesting how Rin was the only one, in the main plot of Furuba, who made Haru go truly black. He cared that much and it upset him that much. Yes their love was intense.

I did like watching the evolution of their relationship. I was so happy when she finally returned to him (as I imagine Haru was).

Shigure and Akito

The dark couple. Shigure was an interesting character. He was manipulative and did a lot to break the curse. He did it all so that Akito would be free and would be with him. He was stubborn and wanted her all for himself.

For the longest time I thought he was gay because it wasn’t revealed that Akito was a woman until like way later.

Akito on the other hand loves him as well but she’s trapped by the bond and the curse (see my other post). She makes a lot of foolish decisions because of it and she can’t see how it would hurt Shigure. She’s a little entitled but then again who could blame her considering her household?

They do a LOT of growing. Shigure learns to compromise and Akito learns to let go of the bond and she loses her superior attitude.

I’m including them on this list because I found their relationship interesting. Two people with darkness in them still had a lot of light when together, when loving each other. And that love was able to change them and make them lighter. It chased away the darkness.

Ayame and Mine

I love Ayame, as I’ve mentioned in another post, and I love Mine. They’re such a good couple. They’re on each other’s wave length and they’re a natural team.

I would have liked to know more about their relationship. They kept it a secret although it was obvious. Ayame and Mine are such fascinating creatures I can’t help but be curious about their daily lives when Ayame was cursed.

It’s always nice to see when an eccentric person meets someone who’s just right for them.

Hatori and Mayuko

I love Hatori. Mayuko loved Hatori from the beginning and it was sweet because she never expected to be with him. She’s his perfect opposite. She’s open and childlike. Thus she brings out the best in him, that which he represses or doesn’t get to express on the regular.

Hatori learns to love again after Kana and that genuinely made me soo happy! I was afraid he’d be alone forever but nope! Takaya came through, yes!

They’re an easy couple, there was little drama and ah it just made me happy.


So that’s it, my favourite couples! Thank you for reading this series! I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to tell me your favourite couples in Furuba.


If you’re wondering why I’m re-uploading. I had another blog and I’m deleting it and transferring posts here. As to not overwhelm you (and me) I’m releasing them one by one. 

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