Reflections Reflections

With white the year started

Careful were my steps

Steady was my resolve

Far I travelled to learn and grow


I learned of times past

I delved into a new world of art

My mind was expanded and delighted

A new passion permanently added to my life


In the midst of learned chaos relationship woes

Having a companion and yet feeling so alone

Missing freedom and peace of mind

Thinking it’s better to be alone,

A true sign of the end


Finally finished controlled learning

Free, like Dobby I am free

Never to be ensnared again

Like the sun coming out after the storm

The clouds in my mind cleared


Music, dance and art

Rediscovering the passions of my life

Twisting words into verse

Becoming myself again unapologetically


My walk with the One above

The paths set out before me riddled with sharp stones

Anger, disappointment and sadness I did not expect but I feel it

A relationship I am willing to fix,

To try to connect to God again


Like a roller coaster my journey has had spectacular highs and intense lows

My stomach has flown out of me as I’ve dropped

I’ve felt free as I’ve sailed through the sky

Not willing to land


Now as the journey of 18 is at its end

I realise it is just a year

Time is a construct

Each year has its charms and curses


I look forward to the charms of 19

I dread the curses

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