Let’s Talk About Zoro – One Piece (re-upload)


Welcome back to my blog! Today I shall be talking about Zoro from my favourite manga One Piece!!!! 


He’s a total tsundere. He doesn’t show his affection much but he probably cares the most. He’s always got the crews back even when it looks like he’s slacking off. For example, the scene that sticks out for me is when Franky’s crew tried to steal from the Going Merry and Zoro was asleep so they thought they could take him but Zoro’s reflexes were too quick, even in sleep. Or the time they were in Whiskey Peak and Baroque Works tried to kill them all in their sleep but Zoro already had their number and he wiped the floor with the lot of them.

He reminds me of a wolf, always watching and a true hunter he lures his prey into a false sense of security.

Speaking of which though he does tend to sleep a lot and enjoys his alcohol. He also has a terrible sense of direction that has become a running gag.

I recently re-read the first volume and Zoro was chasing a pirate and he followed him out to sea but couldn’t find his way back home and so he became a pirate hunter for money. Can you imagine? He got that lost. I mean I don’t blame him but dang no one helped him get home? It makes me wonder where exactly in the East Blue his hometown is. located

When asked Oda revealed that if Zoro was from the real world he would be Japanese and you can see that in his style of dress and in his character.


Zoro is a swordsman in One Piece. I have a secret love for swordsman. I loved Bleach and so I love it when Zoro gets to fight. There’s just something about it.

You have to have nerves of steel though because you will get cut. Zoro however takes it to a whole new level even being willing to cut off his own feet to escape.

He’s dedicated and an insane fighter. To be honest all three of the monster trio are insane but it’s fun to watch. If I was in One Piece world I’d like to think I would be insane too.

He’s one of the only characters in the Strawhats who has that killing intent. My favourite moment with his killing intent is in Punk Hazard when he fought that hawk lady (I don’t remember all the villains’ names).


Zoro and Luffy

They have that first mate and captain relationship. They also have the “we’ve been together the longest” relationship. They’re bros and they understand each other’s mind-sets and ambitions.

Zoro is 100% loyal to Luffy. When they first met he warned Luffy to not get in the way of his dream to be the number one swordsman. But after the Marine ford arc Zoro put aside his pride and humbled himself to help Luffy.

He also respects Luffy and is the one who reminds them Luffy is captain and of their goal when they forget like when Usopp left the crew and they wanted to get him back after the Enies Lobby arc.

He may be the most serious member at times but I feel he has to be as without him the others would probably go too far or would have gotten lost on their path to their goal.

Zoro and Sanji

I carry a different opinion about these two than others do. I’ve done a post about this on this blog as well.

In short I think they’re friends. They’re the same age and have both been brought up in rough or masculine backgrounds. They both have tsundere type personalities when it comes to men for Sanji and everyone for Zoro. Therefore it’d be weird if they had mushy moments.

Their bickering is a sign of friendship. Maybe because I have friends who I’m like that with that’s why I understand them.

I definitely don’t think Zoro hates him and I think they have the most interesting relationship in the crew that we most likely don’t get to see much of.

Zoro and the Strawhats

He’s like the big brother and the voice of reason to the crew. He’s the big brother to Chopper and the voice of reason when they want to do crazy things like letting Robin and Brooke on the crew when they could have been dangerous (at the time).

He also has his crazy moments too and in times like those the crew stops him from jumping into harm’s way. For example: when he wanted to jump out of the bubble to kill the fish when they were already far under water. Sometimes they also baby sit him like when he gets lost.


I do ship him with someone but I’ll keep that to myself. It’s more of a personal guilty pleasure. In the past I used to ship him with Robin but then I fell off that. I don’t know, I guess you can fall out of love with a ship.


Zoro and Mihawk

Mihawk is his rival, the one in the way of achieving his dream but also his mentor. It’s an interesting duality. They’re both interesting men of the sword. If they weren’t rivals they would probably get along although Mihawk is a loner. I kind of wonder what he does in his day… in his empty castle… with the random monkeys.

When Mihawk became his mentor I thought that was some good character development on both Zoro’s and Mihawk’s parts. Their relationship evolved and to be honest I never expected that so it was a happy surprise.


We are currently in the Wano Arc and it is getting lit! I’m excited to see what happens with Zoro. I feel like he is in his element, I mean this is samurai land. People have also been saying we might get to know more about his background. I second those thoughts and I hope that is what will happen. We know Zoro’s past but I feel like he’s like Sanji where there’s more to his past that we don’t know yet.

To be honest I just want to know who his parents are. Was he an orphan? Who was looking after him in Shimotsuki village? I wonder about this a lot especially as not much as been shown before his time at the dojo.

What are you looking forward to in the upcoming One Piece chapters?

Until next time,

Happy reading.


If you’re wondering why I’m re-uploading. I had another blog and I’m deleting it and transferring posts here. As to not overwhelm you (and me) I’m releasing them one by one.  

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