Album Review: Baekhyun – Delight

As promised I am back to talk about Baekhyun’s most recent album, his second album. I think it is a mini album but mini or full it’s pretty good.

So the title track, the one that has the music video and is being promoted, is Candy and Candy was not what I expected. It kind of felt old school in a way. It reminded me of those Chris Brown or Mario songs where they’d sing to the girl following her whilst dancing. It wasn’t completely old school RnB in sound but definitely had elements of it.

Speaking of sound I found it to be chill and kind of playful. The way he sings it definitely gives me that playful and light hearted feeling. The part I like the most is the breakdown where he ad libs. I just love the way they slowed the song down there. It was so smooth.

There are a lot of candy metaphors in the lyrics, some that don’t translate to English well but you get the idea when reading the lyrics. It’s a classic song about love really.

Onto the B side of the album!

First there is R U Ridin’?

This blends well with Candy. Their sounds complement each other well and so it’s a smooth transition. Therefore it’s chill like Candy but has a bit more of a pop sound.

I’ll admit, I didn’t like this one. It wasn’t to my tastes.

The lyrics are pretty much in the vein of: “Are we together girl?” “Is this happening?” “Are you riding?” *leans forward as she asks the questions* Well are you?

Weirdly I liked the lyrics of this song better than Candy. Candy was a bit too cheesy romantic for me whereas this one is pretty straight forward and gets its point across without being cheesy.

Next is one of my favourites Bungee. This one is definitely my vibe. It’s sexy and smooth. It’s relaxing and almost has a smooth jazz feel. It’s like he got to play with voice a little and really just enjoy singing the song.

In terms of lyrics there are a lot of diving metaphors that I am living for. In a way it’s sexual (if your mind goes there) but then again it’s also like he’s falling for her and is getting immersed in her. Hmm, the lyrics took the sexy feeling of the song and upgraded them making the song sensual.

Keeping with the theme next is Underwater. This one is another favourite. I really like the piano in this song and the mood it carries throughout. It’s more sombre than Bungee and so it’s kind of like a break in the album from the feelings of the other songs.

The lyrics had me thinking of Davy Jones’ locker. It’s not as positive as Bungee was. It’s more like he’s losing his love and sinking underwater in darkness. She has taken the light with her and cast him into the depths of the ocean essentially.

So it’s about a breakup. I think he captured the feelings perfectly.

Poppin’ brings up the mood again getting us out of the bottom of the ocean faster than the deceptacons did Megatron. As the name suggests the song is legitimately popping. Even the beat feelings like it’s popping, I’m not speaking in slang I mean it literally, it sounds like the sounds you’d hear in a game almost.

It’s more of a pop song and like R U Ridin’ it’s not my cup of tea.

In terms of lyrics they’re again straight forward. It’s a love song and they are popping (slang) as a couple together.

The next song is Ghost. It has a chill beat that I like and a very nice breakdown with falsetto… *soft* yes! There are a lot of English lines in this song and they are sung so smoothly and sexily it’s just…

When you’re used to hearing someone sing mostly in one language when they switch it up and add more of a language that isn’t their native one and kill it the way Baekhyun kills it… oooooh.

In terms of lyrics it seems as if he is being haunted by his past love. It kind of seems like he wants her to haunt him, like he doesn’t want her to leave his mind so it’s like, “Ugh you never leave my mind but wait don’t ever leave my mind”. Again, it’s relatable.

The last song on the album is my last favourite, Love Again. The second SM artist to have a song of this title (if there are more I am unaware of them) and they released their albums so close together! Anyway I thought that was interesting. The songs are very different though.

I really like how the song starts with an acoustic guitar. That had me hooked from the get go. It’s sexy but in a relaxing way. Perhaps sexy isn’t the right word, perhaps sensual would be better fitted. Whichever one it is it took me there. I would put this on my chill playlist and listen to it before bed eating dessert as I unwind from the day. It is the perfect song for that and the perfect song to end the album on.

I’m so happy he did a live version for SM Station on YouTube. I’d like more please!

As for lyrics he’s all like, “Say you love me again and don’t leave”. So I couldn’t figure out if they’ve broken up or if the girl is getting cold feet and he’s persuading her not to go. So I’m in two minds about the meaning.


Anyhow that is it for my thoughts on Baekhyun’s album. I like his vibe. So far out of all the Exo solo projects I match with Baekhyun the most, with Tao and SC coming close second.

Either way they’ve all been killing it.

Which song did you like the most on the album and whose solo are you looking forward to next? We’ve been promised a Kai solo and I think SC might come back and then when D.O. comes back if he makes an album I will flip!

Oh Lay has also just come out with an album. To be honest with everything that’s been going on in the world I’ve been behind. This post will also be late because Sky has crashed here in England and isn’t working… *sigh* but that’s the least of my worries (But still don’t get Sky Broadband).

So yeah which is your favourite song and whose solo are you looking forward to? Comment below and we can discuss!

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