Colours on My Wall

Ahead of me light streams in

Reminding me that a day has begun again

Bringing life to all the corners, all the dark places

And at night the fading light reminds me

That I too should be fading


To my left are gifts of art from friends gone

There are reminders to eat right and think right

Reminders of memories not forgotten

But just in case…


Behind me is my battle cry!

It brings me joy in times of trouble

Behind me is family past, comfort past, left behind in youth

Behind me are warriors past, drawn in joy and delight


To my right are females strong

Their faces set in grime heroism or in rare freeing joy

The achievements of me join them, shining from a simpler time

Joined by writings from a friend afar, in the land where cherries bloom


The colours on my walls

The writings on my walls

The purple that encases them all

They speak of me, an imprint of me to remain even when I do not

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