The Good, The Bad and The Dumped (repost)

The Good, The Bad, and The Dumped is a book by Jenny Colgan. It is about a woman, Posy, who has just been proposed to and she is having some niggling doubts. So she decides to look up her exes to see where it went wrong and how she can improve her future. Also to bury the ghosts of her past. Luckily for her she only has three exes and so it’s not an arduous task.

It’s an interesting book. Posy is in her 30’s and she has a marketing job which she enjoys. She doesn’t hate her office job which is refreshing. Her dating history is also refreshingly straight forward.

What I like the most about this book is that nothing is as it seems. I went into it thinking her exes were going to be a certain way, especially the third one, but then how he actually was, was a complete surprise. I was also surprised by her relationship with her parents and the truth behind it, as was she.

The book is a journey of self discovery. And although she gets a lot of crap for looking up her exes I liked the thought behind it. She wanted to better herself. She wanted to address the doubt. She actually took the vow of marriage seriously and she wasn’t going to get married when she had doubt.

However she could have handled it better. Or approached the situation better and been more upfront about it to Matt, her fiance.

Her relationship with Matt was also refreshing. It was easy like a Sunday morning. I thought that was more realistic and being in love with someone isn’t always about the fireworks. Sometimes it is about, can you live with this person for the rest of your life? I think the author addressed this well.

The most annoying character in the book though had to be her sister. OMD, I couldn’t stand her. I feel like a sequel is needed where Fleur addresses her own issues and evolves as a person. I feel like she is the only character who had no growth.

Overall I give the book a four out of five. It was really good and I highly recommend it!

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