Let’s Talk About Franky – One Piece (re-upload)


I didn’t like him at first. I knew he was going to be a crew member because I read and watched One Piece slow so I saw the spoilers but I didn’t understand how. He was so annoying and inconsiderate. I thought to myself, “I’m not sure I want him to become a Strawhat”. I wondered how Oda would redeem him.

I was especially mad after his crew jumped Usopp. I was ready to throw hands and thankfully my boys did. Then Franky had the audacity to be mad at the Strawhats… *cue eye roll* Sit your ass down, you had no right! You jumped Usopp and then pissed away their money you jerk!

As you can see, I was mad.

Then the biggest mother freaking twist happened and Franky was who CP9 was looking for along with Robin. He was actually Cutty Flam and Iceburg was actually protecting him all that time. Then he helped in saving Robin and we found out his back story. We saw how his weapons were used against him, how Tom stood up for him and was taken away by the Navy because propaganda and how he was run over by a train and that’s why he’s a cyborg now.

Also he probably hated pirates because he was abandoned by his no good pirate parents. So there’s that too…

I sat there like, “Wow, Oda did it. He redeemed Franky in my eyes.”

I love how Robin persuaded him to join the crew, she will forever be my savage queen.

I like how creative he is and how ingenuitive he is. He has that engineer mind that can be fun at times, like in the horror special when he built that bridge in like five seconds flat. I kind of like how he keeps upgrading although I am getting curious about how exactly his body works, biologically. He reminds me of Sasori from Naruto. It’s so unbelievable but since it’s a manga it works.

My only complaint is when Oda goes on about how only male fans appreciate the whole robot love and I’m like, “Erm excuse me but I understand the robot love and I’m a girl, like dude please… notice me.”

His storylines have since quietened down but he’s forever essential to the team. I realised how much in the Big Mom arc, I was forever worried about the Thousand Sunny and how they were going to manage without Franky if it got severely damaged.

Also another thing that made me forgive Franky is that he snapped Usopp out of his nonsense over the Going Merry, I mean someone had to do it. He said what we were all thinking.

It’s interesting how opposite he is to Chopper in innocence and in age. Chopper is the youngest member whilst Franky was the oldest. Despite the age gap he fit in rather well and he never took offense to having a young captain. It showed his character and free he is of pride.

I would like to know more about him but I’m willing to wait. I’m fine with him being the fun Uncle who builds amazing stuff for the crew.

Anyway that is all for now,

Next shall be Brooke.


If you’re wondering why I’m re-uploading. I had another blog and I’m deleting it and transferring posts here. As to not overwhelm you (and me) I’m releasing them one by one. 

Ps: I wonder who his pirate parents were. You know, the ones who abandoned him. I totally forgot about them until the Wano arc. 

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