Exo SC – 1 Billion Views Album Review

They’re back with another album and so soon! *tears of joy* I honestly did not think that we would get another album so soon (you know how SM can be). But it seems Sehun and Chanyeol have a lot to say and are overflowing with creativity and we the fans are benefitting. *sits here smug and happy*

I’m also happy to see that they’ve built their fan base since last year. They’re legit a duo now. I was worried it was going to be a one-time thing but nah, they actually came back.

I could go on for ages.

Let’s start with my overall thoughts.

They sing more than they rap and that was a surprise for me. I guess they wanted to show sides of themselves they rarely get to show.

It is a good to play whilst driving. Yes, my driving playlist has gained more songs! Honestly the whole album is perfect for it. It reminds of B1A4’s Solo Day album with its summer and driving by the sea vibes. Or remember Infinite H? I’m so sad they only ever released one album.

Anyway onto the tracks:

1 Billion Views ft. Moon

I thought it would be about music and wanting to get a billion views or something on a music video but no it’s about love and relationships. They want to see the girl a billion times and are saying they’ll never get sick of the person.

The music video fits as well as it’s set in an arcade type place and arcades are addictive and you never get sick of them no matter if they’re good for you or not.

The music video also has a bit of a virtual reality element to it that I noticed on the second viewing. Also in the lyrics they have metaphors made from internet lingo and that ties everything all together with the virtual reality, the tik tok esque moments and the arcade setting.

The song is pretty chill and when I listened to it with my headphones the bass guitar goes off. It is like the missing ingredient.

When Moon comes in on the bridge *chef’s kiss* it was so smooth and she complimented the song perfectly.

Say It ft. Penomeco

The melody gives me chill summer vibes and is one of the first to be added to my driving playlist. It’s very light and bouncy and Penomeco kills the chorus.

The lyrics are basically asking the girl, the romantic subject, to say what’s on their darn mind! Ok, they’re more chill than that when they ask but they’d like to know. What you thinking? So the title describes the song well.

Rodeo Station

This song even sounds nostalgic. As soon as it starts playing it feels familiar. There’s just something about it.

In this song they’re talking about their past, their childhood and their training days. It made up a big part of their lives and that was the period when we (if we’re the same age) were in secondary school (high school for Americans). It’s nostalgic for everyone and you can’t help but look back.

This is another summer vibes song, perfect for my driving playlist. Is someone taking notes? I’ve said this for so many songs I should honestly compile a list.

Telephone ft. 10cm

This one has a different vibe. The bass returns though but it’s not a bass guitar, just bass. Am I addicted to bass? Yes.

I actually really like the melody of this song. 10cm also slays! He comes in with his smooth vocals and just slays me. And the piano that accompanies him is the perfect touch. It’s a great feature. When I read his name I thought he would rap but nah, man can sing!

This song was the first to get a music video. It’s really cute and conveys the lyrics perfectly. It’s about how they have this girlfriend who is always on their phone and yet rarely replies to them or replies late and when they’re together is always preoccupied with the phone. They want the girl to give them her full attention. Like, “Yo, I’m here too.” So in the music video they destroy the social media command centre? And gain her attention.

Side note: Sehun in that spy outfit *perfection*.

Jet Lag

This one is a little sombre. It’s still chill but chill in minor.

It’s a song to vibe to. The blend of the instrumentals is just the way I like it. It even has that subtle but essential bass *whispers* yes!

In the lyrics they talk about how they travel a lot, duh, but they get homesick. I was wondering if they’re homesick for Seoul or for a girl. I’m going to go with for a girl as it makes more sense when taking in all the lyrics.

Again not what I thought the song would be about when I read the title.

Fly Away ft. Gaeko

It’s starts interestingly. Is the woman in the beginning singing ‘I’?

It’s another chill in minor song. It gives me peaceful yet sentimental vibes. It has me feeling like I could fly away *smirks* see what I did there? Yes, I know it was very obvious but I couldn’t resist! And it really did paint that picture for me, even without me reading the lyrics.

They kind of sing/rap in this one and Gaeko never misses whether he’s featuring or the main.

It’s sweet that Sehun sing/rapped Chanyeol’s story and Chanyeol rapped/sang Sehun’s. It adds a level of intimacy to the song and lyrics that were already intimate.

Nothin’ – Chanyeol’s Solo

They each get a solo!

This is sombre and sentimental but when I listen to it without watching the short music video it doesn’t feel sad. The lyrics are pretty repetitive and easy to understand but then, at the same time, not.

He’s talking about being worry free, he’s reached his stride and is on the grind reaching for his goal. That’s a good thing right?

But the music video doesn’t give me that same vibe. Hmm…

Oh and you have to listen to the actual song, because the music video is shortened and misses out the awesome guitar riff at the end. I mean he could have gone on longer with the guitar. You know how I love guitar riffs. If you don’t then now you know. They’re my favourite.

On Me – Sehun’s Solo

Ay, this one had me dancing me. This one had me almost doing the Crip walk. This one had me trying to do the heel and toe.

So it’s safe to say I like this song. It’s right up my alley.

Again the actual song is longer on the album so listen to it on there if you want the complete sound.

The lyrics talk about how he’s been doing this a long time, he’s seasoned and knows what he’s doing and knows how to kill it. There was probably more to the lyrics but I kept getting distracted by the sick beat and wanting to dance.

Also Vivi. I mean, I can imagine him just playing music and vibing with his dogs.

Oh and the music video, he went off! I almost wanted to be there. What do I mean almost? I totally wanted to be there busting a move. The all-female crew killed it, killed it! KILLED IT!! Sehun killed it as well and he had a horse! And Vivi…



So that’s the whole album. It’s actually their first album so I guess the other one was a mini. They’ve done well. The album blends well together and works as a unit. There isn’t one weak song and it feels like they had a theme for the album and stuck to it.

I give it a 4 out of 5.

What did you think?

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