The Batman: DC FanDom Teaser

I told myself I wouldn’t get excited over the new Batman movie. I mean there has been so many Batman movies and I loved the old ones no matter how cheesy they could be. I really didn’t think this new one could get me excited and I also did doubt Robert Pattinson.

However, Ben Affleck exceeded my expectations so I still went in to watching the teaser with an open mind and I’m glad I did. It looks good!

I mean thinking about it, it’s rare that we get such a young Batman. We usually get Batman when he’s established and knows what he’s doing. I always place him in his early 30’s (apart from Affleck’s Batman). But it seems DC is all for trying something new with their cinematic endeavours.

First they gave us an older Batman who’s a little tired and just done. And now we’re getting that same Batman back when he’s still green around the ears.

And omd about that! So I was confused about who the villain could be at first. I thought it was the Joker but then it didn’t feel like the Joker. I mean he likes to play with Batman sure but he’s not mysterious. Man likes to advertise what he’s doing and let the whole world know.

He doesn’t know the meaning of subtlety.

So that got me thinking about who does like mystery and playing games and immediately Riddler came to mind. Then I got excited because he is actually one of my favourite villains. He’s underrated but he’s fun. He’s a real mental challenge for Batman because he’s smart and operates on riddles. So when Batman defeats him it’s more satisfying.

What can I say, I love detective shows/films. I like trying to figure things out and Batman is a detective. It’s time for him to flex those skills again.

However the last time we saw Riddler in a movie was when he was played by Jim Carrey (Batman Forever). I loved that film but watching this teaser the tone feels darker. It doesn’t feel like Jim Carrey’s Riddler at all.

However (I’ve said that a lot) each film maker and story teller interprets a character differently, even Gotham interpreted characters differently. So I still think the main villain is the Riddler just a more serious take on him (although in Batman Forever he felt light but he really wasn’t which made him scarier, like someone who doesn’t seem sinister but is very sinister. I really thought he would win against Batman at one point but anyway let me not get into it).

Apparently a lot of people also think so and so yay we’re getting the Riddler! (I’m running with this).

There are other villains in Gotham other than the Joker so I’m glad we’re finally giving them the light of day, not just in the upcoming The Batman movie but Blackmask also got the spotlight in Birds of Prey. Let’s carry on this trend, maybe we could revisit the Penguin, oh and I definitely want Poison Ivy in a Harley Quinn movie. She’s one of my favourite villains and so interesting.

Anyway, that’s all I was thinking. Now we just have to wait for the movie to come out…

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