To Be Black…

Brown eyes, brown hair, brown skin

From head to toe, brown


My hair reaches for the heavens

My eyes reflect galaxies


My skin is rich and never the same

Summer and winter, the shades interchange


My mouth holds two tongues

The one of home, the one of necessity


My lips hold two tones,

Black and Pink, they decided to be both


The different shades of brown,

My mother’s eyes and my father’s smile.


The hair that reaches for the sky,

The sun that lights the specks in my eyes.


The strength in my arms,

The definition in my muscles.


The height of my legs,

The volume of my laugh…


I am beautiful,

I am alive.


And yet…


The world sees darkness

The world thinks I’m inferior

That I need to be controlled…


I don’t


I am brown. I am Black. I am beautiful.

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