Warrior Princess Kwi

“You can’t be strong”

But I am strong.

Where I lack, I build

And where I excel, I refine


“To be feminine is a weakness”

Why? Pink does not sap strength

Kindness does not deplete muscles

Dresses do not shrink the brain


“Black is not feminine”

How? My grandmother, my Tate

Her skin is dark and her beauty abounds

Her kindness saves and her smiles heal


Eight she made, eight she raised

The clothes and food she gives, blesses many

The love she radiates is a physical force


Her hands like sandpaper

Hardened by hard work and a long life

She taught me strength, she built my strength


She is feminine

She is strong

She is a woman


I am feminine, and I love it

I am strong, and I embrace it

Warrior Princess Kwi am I!

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