Ministering Like Jesus

In this world with everything that has been going on there are many ways in which Christians can preach about Jesus and His good news.

It really depends on the person how you want to share your faith. You can preach or you can do acts of service or you can do zoom bible studies or you can simply answer questions that your friends or random strangers have.

However I feel like acts of service types are underrated or under appreciated. It’s like if you’re not knocking door to door or out in the street preaching or an actual pastor then you’re doing nothing, when in fact that is not true.

If you are not a good preacher or have social anxiety there are so many other ways to reach people.

For example, at my church they’re doing a food bank. Because of corona we can’t go to church anymore and the building wasn’t being used so they decided to help the community and open a food bank.

They don’t preach they just help those in need.

If we’re going to take Jesus as an example He never started by preaching at people. He started by addressing their needs and then He preached, or rather He told a lot of parables so that the people could easily understand His message.

He was kind and helpful. Before He got to the preaching they got to see His character and how good He was genuinely. Sometimes that speaks to people more than preaching.

We always say we should be like Jesus and that, that is what we’re aiming for. However, it seems most of the time our focus is only on following the laws. When someone is seen to be breaking a law they are chastised as if they are the only person sinning.

We’ve become so concerned with judging that we rarely help people and we rarely make new Christians feel welcome.

We’re supposed to do everything with love. Yet every time someone says this people think this means compromising your beliefs. It doesn’t. It just means be nice, have empathy and know that just as they are not perfect neither are you so you’re really in no position to judge.

There is a good way and a bad way to go about everything. The good way is to do it how Jesus did it, with love.

If we truly have that love in our hearts it will show.

My grandparents were the ones who showed that to me. I had been taught about my family’s religion before I met them but I didn’t get it nor did I follow it to be honest. I just went through the motions as I was a child and mostly obedient.

However, when I had school breaks and would go to my grandparents I would feel their love. I could physically feel it as if it was a physical force. They cared for me and loved me and told me about God’s love without forcing it on me.

Of course they had rules that we were to follow. Every night we had bible study together and sang songs. My grandpa was a preacher so he almost always led out. You’d think I would be bored as a child with this but I loved it! Grandma would let me pick my favourite songs and granddad just had a way of speaking that brought calm to the atmosphere.

I didn’t understand the more complex things granted but I understood the love of God through them.

My grandma also always helped the community. She would always cook extra just in case someone stopped by who needed food and someone always stopped by.

Thanks to them my bleak childhood had a bright spot. Thanks to them I will always know that God is love.

And they didn’t do anything complicated, they simply showed their love to me. They let Jesus work through them. They were true Christians.

In this world’s history there has been a lot of people who have claimed to be Christian and done awful things. There are still Christians like that today. We are all in danger of doing the wrong thing as we’re human and prone to making mistakes.

But if we call on God He can help us. If we remember His love and not to judge others but to love one another, we’ll be golden. There are so many verses that talk about God and His love in the bible, you could spend all day reading them.

We can show that love to others and that will reach their hearts faster and better than only preaching at them.

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