The Beauty I behold

What do my eyes like to see

What does my body like to feel

What sparks interest

What sets my heart on fire

Intelligence is sexy,

Intelligence sets my mind alight

Shikamaru gets me to sit up

Whilst others leave me bored

Intelligence that shares

Intelligence that is kind

Intelligence that is open

That does not shame, with its ego in check

A mind that thinks differently

That is smart in different ways

That is logical and abstract

A mind that is beautiful

That mind is sexy

That mind has me

That mind I would marry

That mind…

Strength, is also sexy

A strength that helps

A strength that is gentle

A strength that can lift me with one arm

Strength is my guilty pleasure

Not muscles but STRENGTH

Not size but skill!

Not polished but rough

Oh and rough,

Who needs perfection, not I

Come to me rugged

Come to me with the imperfections

I love a sexy smile

I love beautiful sharp eyes

I love standing at equal height

I love arms that can hold me tight

Beauty is in the eye of those who behold

What I like, is what I like

I cannot speak for  all,

I can only speak for my heart and my needs

So come with Shikamaru mind,

A strength like Thor,

The ruggedness of infinity war Steve

And I will melt in a puddle, on the floor you will find me

Come with your sexy self,

Your kind self.

And your genuine self,

And love it, I will.

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