Vinsmokes and their Humanity

So in my eyes the true villain of the Vinsmoke family is Judge. He decided that he wanted his children to be soldiers and couldn’t even wait until they were born, no he altered their DNA in the womb!

He didn’t just give them super powers or whatever, he actively took away their empathy and their humanity. Honestly when you think about it, the brothers are essentially robots.

With Reiju she grew up in a toxic environment and she was altered too but they don’t talk about when she was altered. Perhaps he realised not messing with her emotions was a mistake so he ‘corrected’ that with the quadruplets.

Of course, you know and I know, Sanji escaped all that because of his beautiful mother. You know I forgot that Sanji didn’t actually know his brothers were altered and so he really thought they all organically hated him. Wow. That’s so sad.

Who can be so cruel to a child? I just… Judge is a monster and I feel like people don’t realise that without Judge Ichiji, Niji and Yonji would have been… ordinary people.

Here’s the thing, what would they be like? What would their personality be? I feel like we can see glimpses of their personality in the manga but it’s like looking at something through a fog, we can’t see it clearly.

Another thought that I have is can they be saved? Can they be given back what was stolen?

I feel like Sanji is the key. I think him saving them did something because why did they rally round and save him? They didn’t need to do that especially with the way they were altered they really didn’t need to go out on a limb like that for him.

I was thinking this was a good thing but is it?

Have you watched Vampire Diaries or Buffy the Vampire Slayer? In both Stefan and Angel are very interesting.

Stefan when his humanity is ‘switched off’ is a MONSTER!!!! He is the stuff of nightmares to the point where he’s worse than Damon. Honestly, I wasn’t about the whole team Damon thing until I found out it was all Stefan’s fault. He really forced his brother into the life and then got mad and treated his brother like the villain. Of course Damon was a villain a lot of the time but at least Damon didn’t blame it on the switch. Whereas Stefan did until the last season when he finally did something so horrible, in his eyes, he couldn’t take it back and it crushed him.

It really crushed him what he did to Bonnie. And to be fair he did feel guilt about all that he did as the ripper but with Bonnie, the remorse he showed was different.

Then with Angel it is more straight forward. Vampires in that world are essentially possessed by demons and the demon takes over your personality. What makes Angel different is he gets ‘cursed’ to have a soul so that he feels the weight of all the horrible things ‘he’ did (can we really say it’s him if it was a demon who was in control?). So he feels bad about all the horrible things he did and it eats away at him (as the ones who put the curse on him intended).

So it’s a little different with the Vinsmoke brothers but say they got their empathy back and their emotions other than anger… how would they feel? Would they feel remorse? Would the guilt be so great that it eats away at them until they go crazy? What would gaining their humanity do to them?

You see what it’s done to Reiju. She was suicidal. She was not going to lift a finger to save herself, she just wanted to die and for them all to die for the sake of the world. Can you imagine?

So what’s better being numb and not knowing or being thawed out and forced to face all the horrible crimes you’ve committed?

Even though it is tough and painful I prefer the latter. As no matter what at least you’ll get to live and die your own person and not a numb puppet.

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