Chungha – Dream of You (with R3HAB)

I never thought I would hear Chungha do a sexy song! I saw the video pop up in my suggestions and as you know I love me some Chungha so I immediately clicked. First I was blown away by the dance and then by the lyrics like girl… Chungha! She went there.

It’s grown and sexy and I just wasn’t expecting it. I don’t know why but this was a complete surprise for me. She’s here singing about sex and how she’ll cater to him but she’s like you have to come over first don’t make me dream of you. She’s seducing the subject of the song.

The song is in English so all you English speakers this is your time to shine.

I guess Stay Tonight was also sexy but that one was subtle, like innuendo, and this one is more direct.

Let’s talk about the performance though… she killed that. The start was so sexy and I love how each move corresponded with either the beat or the lyrics. The rest of the dance was suave and smooth.

The location was simple and so allowed me to focus on the dance. It also highlighted the stark difference between night and day, black and white that matched the aesthetic of the performance.

I loved the transitions between the outfits as well. It was smooth and went with the flow of the dance.

Each outfit was also well chosen. They were all sexy but in different ways. It showed that there’s more than one way to be sexy. You can show body or you can wear a three piece suit and still serve looks and sex appeal.

Honestly, sexiness is all about the individual. Truly sexy people can be sexy in any setting. It’s like an attitude, like confidence.

Also are the dancers the same ones from Stay Tonight? They look familiar. I love how she has a good relationship with all who dance with her.

As I was watching the mv I thought to myself it would be so awesome if she and Boa did a collaboration, I mean can you imagine?! They’re both talented singers and dancers. Ugh, I live for the day.

Anyway that’s all, I had to come on here and say that. I love dance and I love Chungha and now I have another stellar performance to add to my favourites list.  

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