NCT 2020 Resonance Part 2 – Album Review

That’s a mouthy title ain’t it?

So I decided to do a verbal album review, that’s right! It’s another YouTube video from yours truly *flower pose*.

The video is long but I cut it down from it’s original length and didn’t lose any important material so I’m proud of that. Also, I swear my editing skills are improving. I mean there’s not much to edit when doing a review but even so it’s smoother. If you look at my old old videos on YT then you’ll see what I mean.

Some basic info: there are twenty songs on the album and a lot of them are from Part 1. So if you want to save money or you’re broke, just buy Part 2 and you’ll get the best of both worlds. It is NCT U heavy and that’s nice as tbh it’s been a while since we’ve had NCT U promotions and I actually enjoy all the different combinations and stages.

It’s not a perfect album but it’s not bad either. It’s a solid album and I am certain you can definitely find a favourite amongst the songs. I do recommend it.

Ok, so for more detail on the songs and all that you can watch my video here (because I believe in convenience *wink*):

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