Here for Carlton

I don’t care what anybody says Carlton was sexy! He was so freaking sexy! If I had to choose between him and Will I would choose him all day and every day!

“Gift will you go out with-”

“Yes! I will!”

That’s how it would go if he asked me.

Yeah, he was nerdy on Fresh Prince and he was snooty at times but he was also open to learning. He was genuine, kind and over enthusiastic.

He definitely had his faults but in my eyes his pros outweighed his cons especially as he was a character who grew and developed as the seasons went on.

When I was younger I did like Will. He was funny and great to have around. He was a good family member and I appreciated that. He humbled the Banks but he also learned important lessons from them too.

However, when I rewatched it as an adult I realised Will is a player. He’s a player, player.

Ok, I did know this when I was younger… sort of. One scene really stuck in my mind where he got married only so he could have sex with this girl who only would only have sex after marriage (fun fact: Romeo in Romeo and Juliet did the same thing). I remember being so horrified as a kid as I had the same belief of no sex before marriage.

But that was all I remembered. He was sweet otherwise, I thought.

But no, he’s a player!! He will break your heart! Fam, he is the guy you warn your little sister not to date! He’s a great guy but a crap boyfriend.

Carlton on the other hand… my love. Man, he was so sexy.

I don’t find it cute when men get assertive as a way to ‘control their woman’. You know, when a guy ‘puts a woman in her place’. It always makes me uncomfortable. One scene with Carlton though is when he’s with Will and his date and Will’s date is being really rude and Carlton stands up to her when everyone else was afraid to. Now, in real life his method would not work on every rude person but it showed that he had principles and he was willing to stand up for them.

That’s a constant with him. When he believes in something or someone he stands by them. He also respects himself and is never afraid to be himself. He had an inner strength that I really admired and just found so attractive.

Ooh and that scene with the sorority where Carlton was called a sellout and he stood up for himself. Or when Will took him to hang out with his ‘scary’ friends and Carlton befriended all of them. Man, I love him! This guy.

Apart from his sexy inner strength I also loved his goofy side. In the black community those who are goofy, nerdy or alternative are always made fun of for being different or uncool. This is changing but back then it was definitely a thing you got made fun of for. But Carlton remained himself despite the hate and I loved that about him.

I love goofy guys anyway. I love guys who are different and embrace it. It’s no secret Junior is my favourite character on Black-ish even though he’s “uncool”.

So he’s so funny, joyful and a great dancer… and he can sing!! Oh can he sing.

He is also short which is a deterrent for most women but let me just say, I don’t care. For me, if I’m honest, as long as we’re in the same height range I don’t care. I like that eye to eye contact and he’s in my range. So do I have a problem? No! And as long as he don’t mind me being taller than him in heels we’re golden.

That’s another thing about Carlton, he isn’t that insecure. He could handle dating a woman taller than him so we are in fact, truly, golden!

Someone sign our marriage certificate because we’re ready!!!

I could go on and on but in conclusion, he’s my husband.  

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