Can Extroverts be Shy?

Extroverts rule the world. This is what I think.

I mean it is seen as weird to be an introvert and normal to be an extrovert. I once heard someone I know say that they didn’t trust someone who was quiet and I was like, “What?” I’ve known plenty of untrustworthy loud people.

But anyway being loud or quiet isn’t what being an extrovert or introvert is. An introvert is someone who gains energy alone and an extrovert gains it from people, for further explanation there is Google.

Oh you’re back! Now, that you know what they mean let’s talk.

So I was thinking there are introverts who are not shy, right? They love people and can talk to anyone but just need that time alone to recharge. I’ve met such introverts and this was before I knew what being an introvert truly meant and he explained it to me as I was confused as to why he wasn’t shy and quiet.

So then in the same vein extroverts can be shy too, right? Even though they gain energy from being around people and socialising they can be shy.

Then I thought, but how would that work? An extrovert who is shy… that’s an oxymoron. Wouldn’t that just be really difficult?

They’ll want to make friends but they’ll find it hard to make friends with people. They’ll need that interaction but find it difficult to approach new people.

However this is only a problem when they need to make new friends or if they’re in a place where they know no one. As I imagine once a shy extrovert makes friends with someone they get less shy and are able to comfortably be themselves.

This reminds me of when I went to Australia and I knew no one and I had to make friends otherwise I’d be lonely. Also, I was very far from home so I was feeling out of sorts.

I’m an introvert and I’m shy but I found it easier to make friends in Australia because I knew no one.

So would the same thing happen with a shy extrovert?

I have so many questions! Plus, we haven’t even considered the extrovert with social anxiety.

I know extroverts rule the world and we’re seen as the weird ones but listen, there are some shy extroverts that are out there struggling. There are some extroverts with social anxiety who are also struggling.

I haven’t met them but I’m sure they exist. As just because you’re an extrovert doesn’t mean you can’t be shy. It just means you gain energy when you’re around people. Perhaps with a shy extrovert their friendship groups are smaller or the people they surround themselves with are carefully selected or are a result of years of friendship building.

I don’t know, I’m not an extrovert. Feel free to let me know how it works if you’re a shy extrovert.

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