Shelly Laurenston | Author of the Month

The first one of the year!!! *cheers*

OMD doing this video was mess, not just filming it but the lead up to it all month.

I thought about whether I should do a video on an author who mainly writes supernatural romance novels and I wasn’t going to do it because I feel like romance novels are taboo. But then I thought, I don’t want to pretend like I don’t read them and like I don’t enjoy them. And why are they taboo anyway? They’re one of the most popular genres amongst women. We read them and we should be able to talk about them. So I decided to talk about Shelly Laurenston my favourite romance novelist.

Shelly Laurenston is an author I actively follow, like I will sit there and look out for her next book because I enjoy them so much.

She’s slowed down of late but she’s written a LOT of books so if you’re interested in checking her out you’ll have plenty of books to tide you over this lockdown period. In my favourite series, the shifter series, she has written seventeen books and all healthy sized.

She also writes under the name G I Aiken and so has more books there. I may check out the series she’s written under that name because it’s totally different from the shifter world.

Just a warning though, her books do contain violence and she’s pretty graphic about it. It’s not horror or anything just more like a rated 18 action movie but in book form. And obviously because it is a romance novel sex is in the books. So if you’re not into that then don’t read them. If you are though, have fun *finger guns*.

For more on why I like Shelly Laurenston feel free to check out the video.

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