The Soul of a Writer – Whisper of the Heart


This movie is directed by Yoshifumi Kondou and is part of Studio Ghibli and thus is part of my Ghibli series.

It is based on the 1980 manga by Aoi Hiiragi.

This is a movie for the creatives. It really captures the passion and hard work it takes to create your craft.

Shizuku Tsukishima is a writer and Seiji Amasawa is an aspiring violin maker. I mean he’s already made violins but he doesn’t think they’re good enough and so wants to go and learn how to make them under masters in Italy (I think) in Cremona.

I always find it interesting when someone makes something and can see all the flaws whereas a novice only sees this amazing thing you’ve made. It’s good to improve but still you have to appreciate your triumphs.

As I said last week this is one of my top five favourite Ghibli films. I love how they are linked through their love of the same books, I love the cat that goes by many names as it travels around and I love how he inspires her to take her writing to the next level.

It is such a cute love story and so earnest and pure! I mean this is my dream, to fall in love because books brought you together! Imagine he noticed her way before she noticed him. He liked her all that time and waited for her to notice him in a non-creepy way.

When she did notice him he didn’t feel entitled he was just himself and only admitted knowing who she was later and was quite shy about it! I really don’t think he would have done anything to approach her if their paths hadn’t crossed when he bumped into her and read her Country Roads rewrite. Ah, he reminds me of secondary school me.

I love the scene where he gets her to sing and then his grandpa and his friends join in, what a cool moment! It was magical honestly.

I also love how the movie honestly portrays teenage love stories. It’s really a hit and a miss type of thing. Sometimes your crush will like you back and other times they won’t, you can’t predict it… although if you’re honest with yourself you can but at that age sometimes you don’t want to admit the truth. As the situation between Shizuku, Yuuko and Sugimura proved.

And the ending when he comes back and they share that moment! *squeals* I was filled with the warm fuzzies.

Although I will say him asking her to marry him did ruin the moment. It was like, slow down dude, you’re only just starting to date.

Other than that this movie gets an A++. I loved it.

What did you think?

Ps: any movie that incorporates a love for country music has my vote.

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